Friday, April 23, 2010

Pod people

So I hear great stuff about Printing on Demand, or POD, with sites like Lulu.

You write a book, upload it to their site, then when someone desides to purchace it, Lulu prints one copy and sends it to them.

Lulu keeps the printing cost plus a percentage of your profit.

Right now its looking like "Spider" is going to be a black and white book with a full-color softcover. Maybe with some "Limited Edition" hardcovers.


  1. So I found out they have a book for a d20 Transformers system. I got all excited, but it turns out the book and the rules are utter garbage.

    So I've resolved to rewrite it myself into a better system. I'm thinking percentile/skill based.

    Also, might actually be going back to Texas sometime in August.

  2. Oh cool, aww yeah I figured;
    Thats cool;
    SWEET! I'll have a 1 month old by then.