Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Game @ Work or G@W

The story so far:

Hexeous, a brilliant scientist with amnesia and Max Von Clark, an ex ace marine sniper get recruited to an organisation known as Aldera. Unfortunately before they make it to their orientation they are sent to Antarctica to re-establish contact with an Aldera research facility.

Max and Hexeous quickly find the generator room and turn the power back on and then begin to clear the 5 small building that make up the complex. After they turned on the power, they entered a laboratory where it became readily obvious that the researchers were trying to re-animate the dead. Further investigation would reveal that the goal was to reanimate dead soldiers to continue fighting in wars. This was accomplished by introducing a fungus into the dead soldiers nervous system.

Before entering the next building, they saw an pink and blue ethereal humanoid run through the building screaming. While totally creepy, they didn't seem to pose a threat so the team pressed onward into what  appeared to be a storeroom and workshop. It was here that they encountered the first fungus victim. A man, whose head had split open revealing a fuzzy goo, revved up an 8ft chainsaw and began manically attacking our heroes.  The two tactically retreated through the doorway, but not before Max slapped a bit of C-4 in the doorway. The chainsaw wielding monster chased the two to his doom. His Ka-boom doom.

In the rec-room the team was ambushed by a fungus mohawked mad-man. The shock of the attacker caused Max's shots to go wide, but Hexeous' sub-machine gun plowed through the bestial man's flesh. Unfortunately it didn't stop him from getting within striking distance of Dr Hexeous. If it weren't for Max steeling his nerves and ending the beast, the fungus powered man would surely and destroyed the ping pong table, with Hexeous quickly afterward.

Tune in next time to find out:
Will the team remember that their mission is to re-establish radio contact?
How long will the team stay barricaded in the laboratory doing experiments?
What is that thing chasing them?

Friday, May 13, 2011


So these guys I work with were asking about gaming, and long story short, I am now running an impromptu rules on the fly game durring down time at work.

Niether of the guys have ever gamed before, so some of the results are a little weird.

I decided to throw together a skill list:

The way I did skills was very FATE-ish. 1 amazing skill (+3) 2 great skills (+2) 3 good skills (+1). One of the guys has a free dice roller app on his not-an-i-phone, so for rolling mechanic I'm doing Take the green die, subtract the Red die and and your skill.
We dicided that it should be a modern type game with a supers element. So far its been weird.