Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Game #3

game 3 went off hitchless.

2 / 4 players had not been though the module before. so I got some more feedback.

Im now going though a makeing the first round of rules revisions. This will mostly be to put all my 'erratta' into the main document. After this I'll update the adventure a bit to alpha game 1.2 Hopefully after the revision, I'll be able to give the rules to someone, and say, "make a character, lets play".

Practily this means I need to really clean up:
Skills, what exsactly do each of them do
Feats, get rid of any unnessisary feats
Combat mechanics, how exsactly do movement, attack, etc interact


  1. Characters should interact by having players hit each other with nerf swords labeled with the emotion their character is currently feeling. For example, if one character is in love with another, the player would grab the LOVE sword and begin beating the other player with it.

  2. Hahahah! Love sword....take my word for it using the love sword leads to babies ;-)

  3. Hahahahahahaha

    "Seven Love
    Seven Love Seven Love"