Monday, August 30, 2010


That happy crazy time in your pinball game that you wish would just stop.

So things going on:

1) reading various stories by H.P. Lovecraft.... Eh? I'm sure in the 20's and 30's when this stuff was written it was amazing, but now its like...
"uh hu her dads a litch" or
"ok half-fish/people-hillbillies run a cult in this town, Anddd?" or
"So the narrator never actually sees chthulu, he just reads about a guy who did, riiiight" and my favorite,
"just reveal it already! His friend was replaced by a Fungi/Crab-man, I figured it out 4 pages ago!!!"

2) Mining Lovecraft for a game I want to run

3) Glancing knowingly at "Spider"


  1. Strange... I was just wondering the other day what a Call of Cthulhu game run by Trevor would be like. (playing in one now)

  2. I'm honored that you think about hypothetical games run by me.

  3. Good DMs are amazingly hard to come by. My current one is pretty good, if a bit on the tough side. She killed my pathfinder character... on my birthday.

  4. Thats so sad...

    You should find out when her birthday is, game on her birthday, and murder an NPC.