Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Boo yah! Double meaning-ed AGAIN. Ok that wasn't a ""double"" meaning.

So what kinds of things can you spend Aces on?
Now this is not an exact list but rather a vague list.

So firstly, some combat maneuvers:

Laying down cover fire
Move your opponent two yards
Knock your opponent Prone
Make a second attack
Disarm your opponent
Move yourself to the top of the initiative

Now some non-combat uses:

Crafting items
Calling in a favor (Lets say the party needs horses, a party member might spend 3 or 4 Aces to say that they have an uncle in town that owns a stable and can give them a good deal)
Move an NPC 2 yards
Impress an NPC
Take another action immediately following your action
Make a prediction (Ask the GM a simple question about a situation such as, “Who here would be easiest to provoke in a fight?” and for the rest of the scene the answer the GM gives is true)

So all of these will have a set Ace cost, except Craft and Favor which will have a variable cost depending on how complicated the item or how powerful the favor is.



  1. Move an NPC 2 yards? What is this, 4th edition?

  2. cool is cool. I'm not prejudiced.

  3. It's just something that's never sat right with me. I can see using an attack to knock someone down, or a bull rush to push them back, but to somehow direct their movement exactly like you want it is just too much like you're controlling them with magic powers or something. (And that flies in D&D, but only so often. In 4th ed everyone and their mom can force their enemies to march around like puppets, magic or otherwise.)

  4. Will you take me on a date this Goodwill?

  5. Your wife just asked you to take her to goodwill as a date on your blog. I don't know whether to cry out of sadness or jealousy.

  6. Go ahead and shed a tear for both.