Monday, February 14, 2011

Two posts??????!!!!omg!

OK so heres an idea.

What if the amount of Mettle (manna) used was not a function of the amount of 'spell points' used to create the spell, but simply the result of a die roll.

It could look like:
If the Spell TN is < 13 than spell uses 1d6 worth of manna.
Spell TN 13 - 15 than spell uses 2d6 worth.

This would make spell creation faster AND mitigate some of the Mettle loss from a failed spell.

For example:
If you are casting a spell with a TN of 13 and you roll a seven (3d6 result: 3,1,3) then take lowest 2d6 (3,1=4) and lose 4 manna points.

Just a thought....


  1. The only reason I wouldn't like this system is cause of how variable it would be. So your telling me a spell that I cast over and over again could cost me 2 or 12 points of my mana. AND lets just say I get lucky die rolls and pew pew everything with the same spell for 2 every time. OR I get boned and only get to cast the spell once cause it ended up costing me max(12). Just seems to variable.

    On a side note it does make magic way more chaotic haha.

    Maybe if you tie in DMG to that roll as well it would be cool? For example lets say I cast a "fireball".. I dont know what that consitutes but I will say I am casting it in a large room(2), its obviously damaging(2), i suppose it takes moments(1), and its instant(1) so.. 2+2+1+1+7= 13 TN I roll my 3d6 and take lowest or whatever and i get a 4 as in your example. I do 4 points of dmg to whoever is in area of effect(or however fireballs work in your game maybe the dmg is split between all targets) as well as loose 4 mana.

    This to me would work since the mana and dmg are scaling together.. AND it still creates a very chaotic feel to magic. In any case with a non dmging effect such as a charm or what not maybe the roll adds to the break TN to get out of the charm. So if i roll a 4 there its whatever the base TN for charm is +4 and costs me 4 mana?

    Although I can see how that might be really nasty if I max the die roll haha. Just more thoughts..


  2. The manna and damage WOULD scale together but you would get to take (as an example)the 2 highest d6 for the damage and the two lowest for the manna.

    If I were to go with something like this, I would ramp up the refresh rate on manna so that it would be like "X manna refreshed per each encounter or scene or whatever"

    That way if you do get hosed with some bad rolls, it won't kill your casting for the whole day.

    But yes genraly it does make spellcasting totally nuts.

  3. After mulling this all over.. I don't think i like this aproach. At least not for this game.