Friday, March 25, 2011

Star Wars RPG

So I'm going to start running a game of Saga edition Star Wars.

Having looked it over I'm thinking of using it pretty much stock, which is a BIG surprise for me. Part of this is because I've never played it, so I want to give it a chance to perform, for better or worse. The other part is while reading through it there wasn't anything that really stood up and said, "Hey, I'm a dumb RPG rule thats here to spoil someone's fun."

That said there is an important bit I am going to change.

The Force.

Specificly the dark side. See, as written, theres no reason to use the dark side of the force, because, in the core books, theres only two dark side powers and using dark side powers seem to be the easiest way to get Dark Side points. So it seems like, "Ok as long as I don't press theese two buttons, I won't get dark side points." And, theres appears to be no benifet, short or long term, to getting dark side points other than you can access a Dark Side Tallent tree.

Sooooo whats wrong with this?

The Dark Side is supposed to be easily accessed, suductive, and dooming.

So whats the change?

First off, Dark side is not tied to any particular power. Its a way to access powers. So you can potentialy use ANY power with the dark side. How? By using your negative emotions, hate, aggresion, etc.

Why would you do this? Yoda said it was BAD?

Because, if you use your powers with the Dark Side, it doesn't count against the amount of time you can use that power. So if you need some more force push just get pissed.

anyway, lunch break's over, what do you think?


  1. That's actually what I've been doing, letting people use dark side powers they don't normally have if they get really mad.

    I also thought it was weird they didn't consider force grip a dark side power. Using the force to, and I quote: "choke or crush your enemy."

    Yeah, not evil at all.

  2. Yeah, the only justification I can see is, "Well, Luke does it to the Gamorean gards, so it can't be evil."

    Which is crap, Luke is totally grey throughout Return of the Jedi, and does several quasi evil things.