Monday, May 24, 2010


OMG! !Donuts!

Last night’s game and the resulting “talk about the game” session turned my brain into a fondue pot. My good friends Charlie and David (Jason couldn’t make it) then dipped their cubed breads into my brain cheese and pulled out delicious and overpriced gaming appetizer-for-dinner greatness.

… It’s not a perfect metaphor.

Anyway, the brass tacks of it are this:

I have a proposed new sleek skill system, which I will put into testing immediately. My current skill system is based on D&D 3.x and even at first level you can get too hoss. Changing DCs do not alter it that much and would just delay the inevitable.

I have a very workable magic item creation system

If I use the model we worked up last night, all the character advancement rules will be very sleek. I am pretty stoked.

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  1. Hahaha OMG! Donuts! <3
    Ok the brain cheese is kinda gross, I am glad you started that after I went to bed....also I really need you to have a brain not cheese.