Friday, May 28, 2010

I need a hero... or something

Proposed change #2

My next proposed chage came out of my desire to have a magic item creation system that the mechanics and flavor (mechanoflavor? Flavorchanics?) was such that something becomes magical beacuse it's with you and you are awesome so you make your stuff magicaly awesome.

My gut reaction was to let you "spend" XP on items so they could gain magic power. (poo: stolen xp, not as high a level as the party)

The current proposal is thus:

Characters acrue "hero points". They get one at every level. They can spend these points on either a "magic power block" or a feat.
The trick is that each class pays a diferent cost for either feats or magic power blocks.

Fighter-y class pays 3 for feats and 5 for magic blocks
mage-y class pays 5 for feats and 3 for magic blocks
skillz-y class pays 4 for feats and 4 for magic blocks

Wtf is a magic block?
Each block would be worth, say, 5 "power points". This would allow you to make either: 1 magic item with 5 levels of power, or 2 items with 2 levels of power with 1 power point left over.

The cool thing is this; the magic is ""re-useable"" meaning if I have a level 5 item (some boots of flying) and i don't need them anymore, I can take the magic back and redistribute it to something more usefull.

So read it again and tell me what you think


  1. Sounds very magic of Incarnum. It's not a bad idea itself, but Incarnum sure was. I suggest borrowing it from Patrick/whoever and rereading it as an example of how not to handle it.

    Also, needs a better name than magic blocks. Something westerny, perhaps? Maybe you could make up a word.

  2. I dont like "Hero points" but you know that!

  3. I know.
    All the terms are going to change once I can find cool names.

  4. Where do we find cool names?? Goodwill?