Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mad Skillz

Possible Change 1

Currently the skill system mechanics are based on a D&D 3.x model. You select your class skills and then pay one skill point for one rank for class skills etc.

I am thinking of changing them to something that more closely resembles 4th ed, in that it removes skill points and you now have trained and untrained skills.
You choose the skill that you are trained in, then you get a +2 to those skills in addition to your ability mod. At some level (maybe 5th) you get a skill bump to all your trained skills.

For skills that you are not trained in you add your roll + applicable ability modifier + your Luck modifier.


  1. Bleh! I like having skill points!

  2. Oh worry not there are gonna be points! Just maybe not skill points!

  3. @Brian:
    I do too, and I may put in a way for you to select a skill that you are exceptional at, at the cost of two other skills,

    but I think this system will hold up better.