Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And now for some Gamblin'

So a staple in westerns is the gambler. Unfortunately I've not seen an RPG handle gambling very well. Making it it's own skill seems like such a cop-out, so I think I'm going to do it this way.


1)Decide on Stakes. .50c/ Hand; $1.00/ Hand; $5.00/ Hand; Etc.

2)Everyone makes a raw Luck check (3d6 + Luck Modifier) This is to represent the fortune in the game. The higher your result, the better your hand of cards is..

3)PC makes Perception check vs. the Opponent’s Persuasion check to try and determine how good a hand of cards the opponent has by watching for tells. This check is opposed by the opponent’s ability to keep from tipping his hand. If this check is successful, then the PC learns whether or not the opponent’s hand is better than his.

4)(Optional) PC makes Persuasion check vs. Opponent’s Perception. This optional step lets the PC either try to make the opponent fold or to make the opponent put in more money. If the opponent folds, then the PC wins half of what the pot would be. If the opponent raises, and the PC wins, then the player wins the pot x1.5

5) Both sides show results of Luck Check, winner takes the pot. The last step comes when both sides show their hand. (unless one of the sides folded) The player with the higher Luck check wins the pot. The pot is determined by the difference between the Higher Luck check and the Lower Luck check multiplied by the Stakes.

(Had to edit this, Blogger Wacky formatted it after I posted. Sorry if it is incomprehensible)


  1. I like to gamble with fake money.

  2. You should totally invent your own card game or something.