Thursday, March 4, 2010

Solar Beam is Super Effective!

Ok, so there was some trepidation about how I want to do Crits.

Critting in D&D most often requires a 20. This is a 5% chance. Then you have to confirm the crit. This depends on the AC of the baddie, lets say its 16. So thats a 25% chance of a 5% chance.

So that means you have to roll a 20 THEN a 16,17,18,19,or 20 That works out to a 5/400 chance. Or 1.5%

Now when I say three of a kind in "Spider" I mean three of anything 2,2,2; 5,5,5; anything.

So that's a 6/216 chance or 2.7%

so really the odds of critting are better because, like a nat20 you don't have to actually beat the defence score if you roll triples. And you dont have to confirm the Crit.

Anyway, thats what we're going to beta with.

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