Monday, March 1, 2010

Scratch That

Ok This is how it's going to work.

Race W gets 15 Vitality Points at first level, plus 1 point for every character level
Race X gets 13, plus 1 point for every character level
Race Y gets 13, plus
Race Z gets 10, plus

Damage effects your Vitality 1:1. No weird math.
If you Crit (Roll three of a kind) the damage goes straight to your Wound Points.

Once you take any Wound Damage, you are Staggered.

If you move on your turn, you get a +1 to your AC until your next turn.


  1. What's the difference between race X and Y?

    Critting is rolling three of a kind out of how many dice? Three?

    What does staggered mean?

  2. Pretty much everyhting but Hit points.

    Three of a kind on a 3d6. You do not have to re-roll to confirm.

    I havent nailed down what staggard means, but Im thinking half your speed, -2 to attack and defence?

  3. You don't think a 1/216 chance is a bit low for crits?