Thursday, January 7, 2010

3d6: Feels Like Chicken

While thinking about going to a d6 based system, my wife brought up something that I think I never would have thought about. She said that using only d6’s “felt” less magical. I had to stop and ask for clarification. She meant that using the polyhedral dice gives the game an innately “mystical” feel. The unfamiliarity of the strangely shaped dice lend themselves to a magical theme. I do intend to include magic in “spider” so I am weighing this heavily.

What ‘feel’ do you lose by using just plain old dice? Is that loss acceptable to highlight other aspects of the setting? The recently released Dragon Age uses an all d6 system. I’ve read some things about and it sounds like people like the game, but I think it’s too early to tell how game play “feels” without the other dice.


  1. She raises an interesting point, but I can't really say I feel much of a difference between playing a d6, d10 or d20 based game. It's all just about the chance and rolling of the dice rather than the shape.

  2. Thanks Anonymous

    I think that if it makes a differenc than it could only be on an unconcious or semi-concious level.