Thursday, January 14, 2010

an Alignment by any other name

An anonymous made a good point in the comments yesterday. Sometimes in an RPG we, as players, immediately know our character. I’m the Diplomat; I’m the Curious Cat; I’m the Big Dummy.

Other times though our characters are more ethereal, we aren’t sure what our character would do in a given situation. What if your alignment was the result of a short questionnaire? Unfortunately I don’t think the general population would take the time to let a questionnaire tell them what their character’s personality was. Most gamers I know would reverse engineer the survey and just pick what they wanted anyway.

So what are the criteria?
Doesn’t affect the characters mechanically.
Doesn’t use convolutable terms like law, good, chaos, etc.
Helps players define what their character’s actions would be vs. what their actions would be.

How about Reckless vs. Conservative
I think this is very appropriate considering the western genre. Many western characters can be graded on how reckless or careful they are.

And because I think it’s clever White Hat vs. Black Hat
I think this would be a good way to do it, but it could potentially have the same problems as good vs. evil

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  1. I agree! With the white hat vs. black hat having the same problems as good vs. evil! But you know that already cause I told you! The questionnaire is intruding and I think you should give some thought to putting it in there as an option. I know you want this to be as accessible to "new" RPG players as possible and having something that helps people that may be used to playing "RPG" style video games actually flesh out a character that is not already set for them could be a really good option to have. Would it ever get used maybe not....would it be something nice to have in there maybe so. It could be short and simple and just give them a spot on the X/Y grid rather than them choosing a spot on the X/Y grid.
    Love you!