Monday, January 25, 2010

Magic Items ARE dumb

No, Magic items are cool, but the fact that everyone gets their items from "Magic R Us" is dumb. I think everyone should have a magic item or two or seven, but it should be your magic item. not one you just bought with all your shwag.

I'm liking more and more the idea that you make the items magical, not some wizard who cast a "cool item" spell on it. I also like that they grow with you so when you first get your awesome "+3 Guitar of Love" and it's so cool, you dont have to go buy a cooler one 4 levels later because now the +3 bonus just doesn't cut it anymore.

Burning feats to magic up your items could get costly, so the obvious answer is to give more feats.


  1. Maybe you could have something seperate from feats that you gain, like "imbue" abilities. You get them as you gain levels, and you can imbue your items, or your pet dog, or a body part, etc...

    That's actually similar to what the magic of incarnum system in dnd was like, except that you would have to make it not suck.

  2. Lol @ incarnum

    the reason i would use feats is to keep it simple. I think part of why incarnum failed was because it was something too seperate.