Friday, February 26, 2010


So in D&D, hit dice are purely a function of your class and your level and your Con modifier. As your level goes up your Hit Die gets rolled increasing your Overall HP.

Deadlands uses a “wound” system where how much damage you can take is based on your character’s size. But, it stays the same throughout your career. When you take damage the number is divided by 5 (due to your size) and that number is applied to the hit locations (arms, legs, guts, etc.)

I like Race. I think that this makes more sense (Why does my Halfling have the same HP as this Half-Ork? Oh were both Paladins.) I also think this pushes Race to the forefront of the Race & Class selection.

But I’ve come to a quandary.
I don’t want characters to increase with their level. At least not that much. In the western genre there is not often the idea that a character can get shot, a lot, a be fine. They might be unwell and live, but rarely are they just like “Oh yeah that’s just my eye, it’s no big deal”

Right Nowww I have implemented a system from Star Wars “Vitality / Wound”
You have Wound Points equal to your Con Score. Your Vitality points are your regular HP, when they are depleted you go into the Vitality points and when those are gone you’re dead.

But I’m thinking:

What if I combined the DL and D&D:

Upon hitting and Critting (rolling 3 of a Kind) the number is applied directly to wound points.

But upon hitting without Critting, the number is divided by X (this number will be determined by your Race) the result, is subtracted by the wound points.

Anyway, its an Idea

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