Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alignment (check), XP (not so check)

Reading an article over at Critical Hits and I think I will drop the alignment idea in favor of a two word personality description.
Virtue & Vice

One word that describes something good about you, the other something not so good.

Kind / Ego-centric
Generous / Sarcastic
Punctual / Murderous
and the list goes on.


Now for XP..

um i dunno, just give yourself some xp.

No, I think I will have it goal focused, as in, "What is the party trying to accomplish?"
Rescuing the Princess
Putting the restless soul at peace.
Closing the gaping portal to the Spirit plane.

I dunno


  1. You say closing the gaping portal to the Sprit plane like there was only ONE!

  2. Will you have a giant list of adjectives for ... unimaginitive players?

  3. @ katie,
    if you count Thrist, you closed two of them.

    @ Anon,
    Mabey not a giant list. but yeah, a list. Although if you use the list you have to use "unimaginative" as your vice.