Thursday, February 18, 2010

Char gen is short for Character Generation... btw

So totally ganked from various places;

within the mechanics of Character Creation (IE: Rolling stats, assigning feats etc.)

These questions should be answered:

1)Each PC provides a 1-2 sentence story/background for his PC; including what your character did in the war. Did he fight? Where? In what capacity?

2)Each PC creates 2 positive relationships/links with 2 other PCs (possibly just one for smaller partys)

3)Each PC creates a Tension with a PC he has no relationship/link with (optional)

4)Each PC creates a friendly NPC he is linked to

5)Each PC creates an enemy/rival NPC

6)Each PC creates a locality he/she’s related to. (Saloons, headquarters, gardens and so on)

With special thanks to Chatty DM over at

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  1. Hey, you aren't permitted to be lazy until the young'un arrives.