Monday, February 15, 2010

Excel is your friend.

Unfortunately, the snow and ice of last week kept me from posting.

I created a spreadsheet detailing the odds for any particular outcome of a roll of three, six-sided dice. I then, using the D&D percentages as a rough guide, created Target Numbers (DC’s) for various levels of difficulty. I think the spread is something like:
8 simple
10 challenging
12 difficult
14 Hard
16 Heroic

I’m going to do like Deadlands and give you the TN’s in the front of the skills section, then give a couple of examples in each skill instead of like in D&D where, because of the layout / presentation, you constantly have to refer to each individual skill. (or at least I do)

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  1. You didnt post yesterday..what happend?
    Love you!